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Managing work-related stress and mental well-being: workshop

(Northern Ireland)

The Mental Well-being at Work Advisory Service is planning to hold workshops throughout 2016-17 on managing work-related stress and mental well-being at an organisational and individual level.

The workshop will detail the following:

  • the legal aspects of work related wellbeing
  • the HSE Management Standards for work related wellbeing
  • HSE's risk assessment approach
  • the HSENI indicator tool and methods for data capture
  • analysis of results
  • the role of focus groups in the risk assessment process
  • how to adapt HSE's Management Standards approach to carry out an individual risk assessment.

This workshop is aimed managers, health and safety or HR professionals who will be in a position to apply this approach in their organisation.

Workshops are planned for the following dates:

  1. Wednesday 27 April 2016 (now fully booked)
  2. Tuesday 27 September 2016
  3. Wednesday 25 January 2017

The registration form for this event is available here

April 2016