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Agency reminder to check authorisation deadlines

To allow an existing biocidal product to stay on the market, companies must apply for product authorisation by the date of approval of the active substance contained in the product.

In 2016, there are four upcoming deadlines to apply for product authorisation at Union level for different active substance/product-types. As announced in December last year, the next deadline is on 1 May for permethrin in wood preservatives and in insecticides, acaricides and products to control other arthropods.

In 2017, companies can apply for Union authorisation for five active substances in several product-types.

Union authorisation allows companies to place their biocidal products on the market throughout the entire EU, without the need to obtain a specific national authorisation. It is reserved for products that have similar conditions of use across the EU.

ECHA recommends making a pre-submission consultation at least six months before a Union authorisation application. This is a free-of-charge consultation of Member States, which provides useful information on the chances of success for the application and helps identify potential issues to be addressed.

To date, companies have submitted 14 applications for Union authorisation.

April 2016