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10 tonnes of asbestos fly-tipped in Hampshire

Test Valley Borough Council is calling for witnesses after 10 tonnes of deadly asbestos and potentially dangerous chemicals were dumped in the Hampshire countryside in a series of fly-tipping incidents.

Asbestos at Broughton

Cancer-causing asbestos and drums of unidentified chemicals have been left lying at rural spots across Test Valley, including a reservoir.

Some of the fire-resistant material was left in bags and open to the elements, while other scraps were left open on the ground. Environmental health bosses have also had to remove several blue barrels of chemicals left at the scene. It is not known what the chemicals are but all have all been removed by a waste collection firm.

Test Valley Borough Council is calling for witnesses and is keen to hear from anyone who might have witnessed the fly-tipping incidents, or knows of any local businesses that have recently disposed of a large amount of asbestos.

The fly-tipped loads have been left in the same type of builders’ bags and chemical drums on each occasion.

Environmental Portfolio Holder, Councillor Graham Stallard, said: “Asbestos is a very dangerous substance which releases cancer-causing fibres into the air when damaged. I am hopeful that someone might have seen one or more of these incidents taking place, or a vehicle carrying the substance prior to it being dumped.

“Fly-tipping is illegal and dangerous, and asbestos requires a specialist contractor to remove it which also makes it expensive to clear up.”

April 2016